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Welcome to DEFINITION 6, formerly known as Synaptic Digital. We’ve got a new name and more services to offer!

In 2012 DEFINITION 6 acquired Synaptic Digital for its ability to help brands and their PR agencies communicate their message and connect with their audience by creating and distributing content through television, radio and digital channels.

DEFINITION 6 knew how critical content distribution was and would be in the changing landscape and felt this would be a critical addition to their suite of services that already included digital marketing expertise and brand storytelling capabilities. The DEFINITION 6 and Synaptic Digital teams have now spent 6 years working alongside each other, sharing knowledge, talent and resources and improving capabilities on both sides to achieve one powerhouse company.

Today DEFINITION 6 offers our clients all of Synaptic Digital’s broadcast PR services, such as SMTs, RMTs, PSAs and ANRs, as well as award-winning content creation and social and digital strategy and execution.

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