Synaptic Digital helps brands spread their stories with, the world’s largest content exchange where 30,000+ active media outlets and influencers from 190 countries go to find the branded, rights-free content they need to build compelling stories.

The oldest and largest content exchange for journalists & influencers.CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, CCTV, NDTV, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, APTN, SKY, Reuters,,,,…these are just a few of the thousands of media outlets who visit our global distribution portal to download video and related multimedia content from brands like yours.

Since 2004, UNICEF has relied on to disseminate video to the global media as well as internal constituencies. For an organization with a wide global footprint, the platform has been an invaluable channel to showcase the work we are doing in areas of need. The service has a unique value proposition and we recommend it to organizations with similar goals.”

Stephen Cassidy
Chief, Internet, Broadcast & Image Section
Division of Communication
[/quote] enables organizations to distribute video in broadcast and HD-quality and instantly alert thousands of journalists and bloggers to browse and download content for use in their reporting. Browse content on our platform now:


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