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  • The combination of Synaptic Digital’s Paid narrative marketing segments and Earned exposures generated the greatest brand scores overall. Used in concert, they can deliver significantly more impact than a Brand messaging strategy alone
  • Messages packaged in newsworthy formats, whether delivered as Earned or Paid, generated strong brand perceptions, message building and awareness
  • Among the target, both the Earned and the Paid performed very well on their own, with Earned significantly increasing awareness metrics and Paid increasing persuasion metrics
  • Paid narrative marketing performed particularly well with a self-selected in-market audience by providing valuable facts required for informed decision making
  • A dramatic gender difference exists with automobile intenders. Women are able to piece together messages delivered via brand advertising and newsworthy formats creating a unified message that scores significantly higher on brand metrics than that of any single format, while men are influenced by earned PR and little else
  • The optimal sequence of exposure was “Paid > Brand > Earned”, generating, on average a 28 point delta

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  • When combined in an integrated strategy, Paid narrative marketing can extend the effective reach of Earned PR while providing brands predictability and targeting that Earned cannot
  • The study’s largest delta over the control group belonged to Paid narrative marketing and consumers with purchase intent. The use of “newsy” formats deliver brand messages in a useful form that is conducive to fact finding and effectively pushes in-market consumers further through the purchase funnel. With the onset of behavioral targeting online, in-market audience are readily targetable.
  • Due to the nature of the format, Paid narrative marketing can be more economically produced than traditional brand advertising, thus providing significantly higher ROI.


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