In an increasingly fractured media landscape, brands are faced with the challenge of telling their story across multiple channels while traditional filters like the role of journalists have evolved as well. Savvy brands are discovering that everyone is a potential influencer with the ability to spread their brand’s story. The opportunity is empowering them with engaging content.



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In today’s rapidly transforming media and communications environment, getting our messages out to Kia Motors’ ever-broadening base of target media and consumers is becoming an increasingly complex and challenging task. Synaptic Digital, with its cutting-edge digital media delivery platform and highly professional support staff, has provided us with a truly global solution to communicating with various audiences in an impactful and timely way. I would recommend Synaptic Digital’s services for any company that wishes to be at the forefront of today’s evolving new media landscape.”

Michael Choo
Global Public Relations, Overseas Communications Team
Kia Motors Corporation

Think of MediaCentre as the single destination for all of your media assets – HD video, images, audio and documents –  it’s a one stop shop where influencers can arm themselves with the content they need to tell compelling stories.

The MediaCentre’s deep social media integration means they can take the conversation to their social networks via platform such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and blogs. All content is embeddable and downloadable to encourage the viralability of your message. Video can be distributed in HD, standard definition, PAL & NTSC,  and in a variety of streaming formats for online use.

The MediaCentre is designed to be simple, fast and intuitive use. It’s component technology is fully configurable to ensure journalists, bloggers and brand fans alike can share the same tool to accomplish their different goals. The MediaCentre also features multilingual functionality so your message not only translates across channel, but borders too.

At the core of the MediaCentre is our All Media Panel, or AMP for short. The AMP does exactly what it says, it plays all media assets related to a story. You can play video, audio and stills. You are able to gather more information on specific clips, download them, embed them or share them via social media. If you scroll over the AMP, you can also easily switch between the different media assets. It’s supported by the industry’s fastest download speeds, so even HD broadcast-quality video can be download in minutes.

Our MediaCentre has also been recognized for excellence by the Communicate Magazine Digital Awards.

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