The story starts with your content. Whether its video you produce for a campaign, consumer-generated content, live shots, or archived footage, capturing the story visually is the first step to engage your audiences in an impactful, measurable and multichannel way. Once you have your content, the challenge is to successfully spread the message to the broadest possible audience. With Synaptic Digital’s platform any brand can take advantage of the video revolution without having to invest in costly infrastructure.

From content management and access to fulfillment and reporting, it takes a variety of core capabilities and behind the scenes infrastructure to effectively manage and distribute your multimedia content to key audiences. Synaptic Digital’s platform is centered around a series of core components and modules specifically designed to meet today’s communications challenges and compliment your existing setup.


  • Allows for fast and efficient content deployment by automating uploads of content libraries, content quality control and the importing of encoded and other needed metadata. It also leverages our state-of-the-art transcoders, producing multiple formats ready for web (Flash, HTML5, HTTP Live), mobile, and broadcast (SD, HD, PAL, NTSC) so end users can see your content in their preferred format on their preferred device.

  • To manage and process all file types.

  • To manage all user types.

  • Allows for management and delivery of content based on explicit user-content entitlements for cases like embargoes and geographic distribution restrictions.

  • All content is fully indexed and searchable across the Digital Asset Management and Campaign Management systems.

  • A system that manages requests for content complete with automated processes to deliver the desired content to end users.

  • A wide array of reporting and metrics from internal and external systems are available to measure success and optimize content.

  • A web based self-service content submission tool enabling content providers to submit multimedia assets and associated meta-data. A managed portal is also available, which Synaptic Digital staff can use to manage various aspects of the platform.

  • Building on these core components, we expose important platform functionality to build out additional software applications.

Employ presentation tier modules to help meet your visual communications needs.

    • A quick-to-deploy widget that extends the typical video player concept to present all of your branded content, including broadcast-ready HD video, high-resolution images, audio files, and even live video streams, from one panel. More >>>

  • Presents video and image assets grouped thematically or in playlists/shotlists.

  • Add live streaming capabilities to any All Media Panel module to share your live event across your owned websites and the web at-large.

  • A widget that allows you to highlight headline/feature or most popular content on your web page.


  • Enable the sharing of content from various social sites, allowing you to aggregate and curate social content residing on multiple social platforms into a cohesive and controlled social profile in one destination.

  • Geographically distributed cloud-based infrastructure to directly download all file types, including HD, at impressive speeds from anywhere globally. Provides unparalleled resiliency, works well even on a poor quality internet connection and auto-resumes when broken connection is restored.

  • Enables users to experience geographically relevant content depending on where the users IP is based. Ex.) A user with a Germany-based IP will be presented with the German language/version of a particular site.

  • Makes your content accessible to anyone, anywhere via localized captions and subtitles for on-demand or live streaming video.


  • List management, lead funneling, alert templates, contact list segmentation, reporting on email performance and subscription management capabilities in a fully CAN-SPAM compliant environment.

  • Tool that transforms backend data to create custom feeds for consumption by external systems and partners including ENPS, Thomson Reuters, Brightcove, TubeMogul and many others.

These products were pre-assembled using our core components and modules. Custom products can be seamlessly configured to meet your needs and reach audiences across:




  • MediaCentre: The single destination for all of your media assets – HD video, images, audio and documents- it’s a one stop shop where influencers can arm themselves with the content they need to tell compelling stories. More >>>



  • Interactive Microsite: Features an intuitive media viewer, deep social integrations, SEO, and the industry’s fastest content download speeds to capture the attention of story-spreading journalists, influencers, and advocates to your campaign or initiative. More >>>



  • Interactive News Release: Harnessing the All Media Panel – we completely re-imagined the text-based press release and transformed it into a versatile multimedia story-telling engine that directly connects brands messages and related content with the right audiences. More >>>



  • The oldest and largest content exchange for journalists & The global content exchange for media to access and download your multimedia in all available formats and at lightning fast speeds. More >>>




  • Other: Modules can be configured in numerous combinations to meet your needs.

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