Our Media Relations team gets your message to the audiences that matter, wherever they might be. We do this by working with media outlets on-air and online, live and on demand. We provide the tools and services to reach your target audience by being in constant contact with established and emerging online media outlets and mainstream media companies, large and small.

We know the people and places that will get your message to the right audiences on the Web, radio, broadcast and cable. TV, radio and cable audiences are increasingly hard to reach in mass as audiences are more and more dispersed. At Synaptic Digital communications is our business, and we know who to contact and how to piece together a campaign across different mediums and time parts, so your message gets seen and heard.

Online, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and sites today. When the opportunities are so vast and yet so niche, where should you begin? We start by identifying your target audience and your message and then our media experts reach out to key sites and influential blogs that best complement your story or announcement. We know the sites and bloggers with the largest networks and the highest reputation. Connecting with them means a client’s story is most likely to be linked, embedded and shared. In the vastness of the Web we have the data to deliver your message to the right places.

Whether online or on-air, live or on-demand our Media Relations team does it all: the audience research, customized email and phone pitching, editorial outreach and follow-up and monitoring, to reach the audience that you need to reach.


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