Journalists, bloggers, customers, brand fans, influencers, investors, employees…they all can tell your story for you. You just need to arm them with content. Synaptic Digital has the targeted syndication network, rights-free journalists content exchange, and video press release technology to connect with all your audiences and empower them to tell your story.

Synaptic Digital’s AMP-empowered Interactive News Release (INR) is a “press kit in a box” that grabs the attention of your audiences and gives them the power to quickly download your high-quality content and spread it far and wide. More>>> is the world’s largest content exchange. It places your brand message directly in the hands of story-spreading journalists and influencers. More>>>

Communications is our business, and we know who to contact and how to piece together a campaign across different media and time parts, so your message gets seen and heard. More>>>


“The professionals at Synaptic Digital are in a class by themselves when it comes to understanding the dynamic nature of the media industry and responding with proven and innovative strategies that reach our target audiences. Whether it’s our annual Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF campaign, our year-end holiday campaign, or the UNICEF Tap Project – a grassroots initiative to bring clean drinking water to children in the developing world – the success of these campaigns has a lot to do with getting the right message to the right audience. Synaptic Digital helps us do that better than anyone else.”

Manager, Public Relations
U.S. Fund for UNICEF