Our team of award-winning producers will help you imagine, plan, script, shoot and edit videos and live event footage that is sure to resonate with your audiences across all platforms.

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Satellite Media Tour

A Satellite Media Tour (SMT) is a series of pre-booked live interviews between your spokesperson and local and national TV stations. From our in-house state of the art studio in New York, studios around the world or remote locations, we’ll handle your TV interviews from advance media placement and production to final monitoring and tracking. More>>>

Internet Media Tours

An Internet Media Tour (IMT) integrates two of today’s most compelling communications mediums – video and the Web – to reach key stakeholders online. An IMT is a series of interviews between your spokesperson and online media outlets.

Our team will partner with you to identify appropriate online media outlets to target, set up a schedule and produce the tour. Each tour generally includes 12 – 16 interviews that take place over a four-hour period. Interviews are conducted live so that viewers can watch the interview in real-time over their computers. Within 48 hours of completing each interview, we will edit and deliver the video to the media outlet for posting.

Our Internet Media Tour offers both live interviews and packaged video. Additionally, we distribute your content on social and video-sharing sites and over our platform for journalists, thenewsmarket.com.

Web Video

Are you a novice or pro when it comes to video? No matter whether you’re trying to figure out how to get started, or if you have some experience under your belt, we can help you identify and envision attention-getting Web video or series of Web videos (Webisodes) that clearly communicate your unique story with maximum impact.

Think about your industry. Is it very visual, such as sports, automotive, fashion, consumer products etc? Have you considered incorporating video somewhere on your Website or elsewhere, but held back because you weren’t sure what path to take? Almost any story, if executed correctly and positioned to reach a dedicated audience, can make a compelling web video.  So if you’re concerned that your content may not be best suited for the video format, give us a call. Our award-winning production team will work with you to identify creative ways to get your message across in a clear, well-paced and visually interesting way that will capture your audience’s attention.

We can specifically design your web video to reach any audience you desire – across platforms, demographics and geography.  Leveraging a network of video-hungry Websites, blogs and social networks, our online videos are also produced in a style and format that is Web and social media-ready.

Public Service Announcement

We take your news seriously. Over the past 20 years, we’ve developed hundreds of public service announcements for TV, Web and radio on issues ranging from diabetes education to pet care.  Our award-winning production team will work with you to produce and distribute a Public Service Announcement (PSA) package that gets your message out.

Corporate Video

According to behavioral researchers, people form an opinion about a video in 15 seconds or less. Your investment in those first few seconds can positively or negatively impact the reputation of your company, products or stock value. Whether you want to educate employees, demonstrate your new product, share recent developments, or create an overview for your Website, Synaptic Digital can help you craft a smart video that makes an impact. Typically shot in a one-person or two-person interview format, we’ll help you put together strong elements – a solid script, compelling visuals, creative editing, maybe even graphics and music – so your video has the right tone and message to suit your target audience.

B-Roll & Sound Bites

B-Roll (background video) is supplemental footage intercut into a main TV or Web news story. B-Roll is often distributed with Sound Bites (recorded statements) from a spokesperson, which also can be used in a news report. Our award-winning and creative production team will work with you to create compelling B-Roll for all industries and causes, or help you repurpose your existing content. Whether it’s creating video of your corporate headquarters, newest product launch, charitable initiative or earnings report, we’re here to develop video footage that journalists and bloggers both need and use to help tell their stories.