In today’s fractured media environment it makes sense to amplify your message across multiple channels. Our Satellite Media Tours (SMTs) are more like All Media Tours. Let our experts help package your message and connect with your audiences with the highest quality content available including stunning HD Video.

From our state-of-the-art studio in New York City, or our network of studios across the globe, we cost-effectively can place your message wherever your audience is, whether it’s on television, radio, websites, or social networks like Facebook using our Create Once, Deploy Everywhere (CODE) strategy.Your content will also be featured on the world’s largest content exchange where over 36,000 active news outlets and influencers go to find branded video, audio, and images to build their stories.

Spread your Satellite Media Tour message even further with our Morning Show Guarantee. Synaptic Digital producers and editors will take your SMT content and package it into a narrative marketing segment to extend your reach by adding unique targeted impressions and secure guaranteed placement in key markets during Good Morning America on ABC and The Early Show on CBS.

Synaptic Digital can also leverage its relationships to bring together brands for successful Co-Op Media Tours.