Like an SMT for broadcast television, a Radio Media Tour (RMT) is a series of pre-booked interviews that get your spokesperson on the airwaves with local and national radio outlets. Our radio team has long-standing newsroom relationships with stations across the United States, including all major markets.

Leveraging our unique contacts, we’ll script and pitch a story that will land you interviews. From doctors to authors to celebrities, we’ll help book your spokesperson with the right stations so that you reach your target audiences.

Narrative Marketing is another great way to take advantage of the engagement and targeting potential of radio. It is a guaranteed way to ensure your message reaches your target audience. Pioneered by Synaptic Digital, this information-rich message format  combines the storytelling skills of public relations with the predictability and precision of advertising. These clearly-branded, 30 or 60-second segments “tell, don’t sell” are ideal for your target audience is in research mode prior to a major purchase decision.