Narrative Marketing combines the predictability and precision of guaranteed media to the storytelling impact of PR. These clearly-branded, informative segments are ideal for delivering a brand message in a “tell me, don’t sell me” style, and ensures you connect with target audiences in a measurable way across TV, radio and online channels.

Narrative Marketing can be created by re-purposing existing PR content, such as B-Roll, Sound Bites and Satellite Media Tours. Synaptic Digital’s award-winning producers will work with you to uncover the news appeal of your message and package it for optimal impact. It’s also the perfect way to bring scale and targeting to your brand’s earned PR campaigns.

Our media experts will craft a targeted distribution solution to ensure that your message gets directly in front of your audiences. Targeted distribution could include broadcast TV and radio, websites/blogs, airline networks, trade show kiosks, hotel TV and other out-of-home networks.