Recent years have been ones of tectonic change. The days of relying solely on traditional media channels to reach your audiences have ended. An evolving media landscape has given rise to a plethora of attention stealing channels and an expanded definition of who is a journalist. Your consumers have adapted by developing an ability to synthesize information from multiple media sources simultaneously. You need great content and the ability to tell your story in more than one way to capture their attention.


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As a result, savvy brands are doing less selling and more telling. They have become more like publishers by creating content that tells their story. Increasingly, this content takes the form of video delivered across earned, owned and guaranteed media channels.  To take full advantage of each channel, brands and their agencies cannot simply re-purpose video assets. The content itself must be shot with each use in mind to ensure a brand’s story is properly told over multiple channels.

This is our CODE philosophy: Create Once, Deploy Everywhere.