We help brands tell their story by blending the best of journalism, corporate communications, marketing, and interactive technology to connect with audiences across television, radio, online, and social channels.

Our quick-to-implement software and video production have a unifying C.O.D.E. for success: Create Once, Deploy Everywhere.”

General Motors, Honda, Procter & Gamble, American Express, GlaxoSmithKline, Google, Intel, NATO, Ericsson, and others rely on our expert video services, targeted multimedia news releases, narrative marketing, digital media centers, and thenewsmarket.com, the world’s largest content exchange for journalists and influencers, to connect with their audiences in measurable ways. We are privately held and headquartered in New York, with offices in London, Ahmedabad, Atlanta, Beijing, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Munich, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

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Bulldog Awards 2011

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