Defintion 6

Synaptic Digital is rebranding as DEFINITION 6.

Our industry is evolving. Our name is changing. Our services are expanding, but our commitment to delivering best-in-class results remains the same.

Why the name change?

In 2012 DEFINITION 6 acquired Synaptic Digital for its ability to help brands and their PR agencies communicate their message and connect with their audience by creating and distributing content through television, radio and digital channels.

DEFINITION 6 knew how critical content distribution was and would be in the changing landscape and felt this would be a critical addition to their suite of services that already included digital marketing expertise and brand storytelling capabilities. The DEFINITION 6 and Synaptic Digital teams have now spent years working alongside each other, sharing knowledge, talent and resources and improving capabilities on both sides to achieve one powerhouse company.

Today’s DEFINITION 6 excels at digital marketing strategy and execution, creates broadcast and digital content and distributes that content to deliver results every time.
Simply put, Synaptic Digital and DEFINITION 6 had a vision that their two industries would come together, and that time has come.

This name change reflects how we are not only evolving within the industry, but are in fact leading the industry in how we work to provide our Clients and Partners with the highest level of service and the most relevant products.

Today DEFINITION 6 can better serve its clients with:

  • A larger talent pool including Emmy, ADDY and Clio-winning writers, producers and editors
  • Quick-turn, efficient and cost-effective delivery of broadcast, video and digital services
  • The ability to create and produce content once, then tailor and target it for distribution across TV, radio and digital channels.
  • The ability to work across the board with our clients’ public relations, marketing and social teams

In 2012, DEFINITION 6 acquired Synaptic Digital for its ability to deliver unprecedented results in media relations, media distribution and all forms of broadcast and digital communications. After working together for the last 6 years, the Synaptic Digital and DEFINITION 6 teams have fully merged into one powerhouse company, and Synaptic Digital is now rebranding as DEFINITION 6.

DEFINITION 6 is uniquely positioned to lead the industry with:

  • Emmy, ADDY and Clio-winning writers, producers and editors
  • Cost-effective delivery of broadcast, video and digital services
  • Content creation that’s tailored and targeted to the appropriate audiences
  • Direct integration with your PR, marketing and social teams

We’re honored to have your business and promise to continue to deliver the industry’s best results and the award-winning content you deserve.

We are DEFINITION 6 — your resource for strategy, storytelling and solutions.