Connect with your audiences by ensuring your brand’s story is told by the media, influencers and your fans. Synaptic Digital’s All Media Panel (AMP) is an affordable and quick-to-deploy video player for all of your branded content including broadcast-ready HD video, high-resolution images and audio files — even live video streams.

Its intuitive, embeddable interface provides an easy viewing and downloading experience for all your audiences. It can be skinned to match your brand’s look and feel to seamlessly integrate your brand messages into existing websites, social media profiles, and syndication networks. Use it to package your rich content around a specific story, event or campaign.

Reach Your Audience

In an evolving media landscape content still drives engagement, but brands can no longer depend solely on traditional channels. They must take their story directly to their audiences in integrated strategies that include influencers who spread messaging even further. Connect with them all with the AMP.

  • Each asset included in the AMP contains an embed code and itself is fully enabled for social media to encourage viral deployment
  • Assets can be previewed from the panel or in full screen, and downloaded in full quality to give journalists and influencers the high quality content they need to include your messages in their stories.
  • Embed the AMP on an existing press site, campaign, event or social media page to transform a static experience into a rich engaging opportunity

Key Features:

  • Quick to deploy and embeddable on any HTML page.
  • Available in multiple standard skins
  • 15 media assets (including video, audio and stills) plus documents.
  • Engaging content carousel provides easy navigation and preview of all assets.
  • Enterprise-level download functionality
  • Multilingual close captioning enabled
  • Live stream enabled for breaking news events and webcasts.
  • Assets distributed, the world’s largest content exchange

Get Your Content in the Hands of Influencers – Fast

The AMP is the ideal interface to display your branded content, its industry-leading download technology harnesses the power of story-spreading influencers to increase the reach of your message.

  • Unbeatable: Unlike FTP server-to-server transfers where speeds are dependent on the end user’s geographic location, the Download Manager delivers 5-20x faster downloads over the distributed cloud.
  • Global: Journalists and influencers can pull heavy files like broadcast-ready HD and SD video in minutes from anywhere in the world
  • Flexible: Add video file formats here
  • Reliable: Files can be downloaded individually or batch with clear messaging on download time and asset descriptions. Delivery can be paused and even restarted where it left off in the event of a broken connection.
  • Measureable: Users are managed and vetted to protect the integrity of your message and provide clear visibility on who is spreading your messages.


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