Synaptic Digital and Microsoft Xbox at E3 2014


Each year Xbox holds a spectacular media event the day before the opening of E3 and reveals all of the new games and technology that they will roll out for the holiday season. This year, Synaptic Digital was onsite to cover the briefing, crash edit a b-roll package for broadcast, and edit a second package for Xbox’s press site. Synaptic also managed the media distribution – domestic and international – and reporting of use.

Our Hectic Schedule!

An enormous amount of strategy goes into planning for this intense 3 days of work in Los Angeles. Here’s a glance at the schedule:

  • Saturday: Synaptic Digital’s producers and editors pre-edit all of the exclusive game footage provided to us by Xbox.
  • Sunday: Show rehearsals start. Our camera crew sets up for the big day while our editors continue to prepare for the final package.
  • Monday: Let the games begin! Our crew begins the day outside the Galen Center capturing exteriors shots, crowds and a “green” carpet show. When the time draws nigh, they run inside to set up for the briefing. After the presentations, the footage is delivered to our two on-site editors who have an hour to complete the package and feed it out via satellite.
  • Tuesday: By Tuesday AM, a massive number of broadcast hits have already accumulated and our reporting staff is hard at work.


As of the writing of this post, results both exceeded the previous year’s results and more than doubled international coverage.

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