Do You Reach 240 Million People Each Week?

 Radio Does.


Options such as the traditional AM/FM dial, satellite and streaming radio, mobile devices and apps are making it easier for people to listen to the radio wherever they go… in the car, out for a run or even sailing 200 miles off the shore!

Did you know radio….

-Reaches 241.8 million listeners on a weekly basis

-Beats every medium during the daytime

-Reaches 91% of people in the United States

Are you leveraging the powerful reach of RADIO to get your message to a consistently big, highly engaged and positive minded audience?

There are many misconceptions about the power of radio, so Synaptic Digital will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, May 13th 2014 at 2:00pm.

What will you learn from this webinar?

  • To Know Your Audience:  Find out who is listening to the radio and where you can find them, including Hispanics,  Generation X, Boomers, and of course…those darn Millennials!
  • To–Say What?!?:  Find out the best way to get your message delivered and heard by the right ears.
  • To Become the Head of the Pack:  Find out when radio beats all other mediums and the best time to get your message on air.
  • To Find Those Hot Spots:  Find out where people are hanging out and tuning in to the radio.

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