Raising the Bar: The Future of Content Marketing

Synaptic Digital recently hosted an event “Raising the Bar: The Future of Content Marketing” where an audience listened and participated in conversation with Mark Ragan and Michael Kogon at the Definition 6 offices in New York. Mark and Michael discussed the news cycle today, public relations, content marketing, video, and social media. Check out some of the highlights from the evening in this recap video.

Michael discussed a new tagline launched by the Council of PR Firms that is pretty spot on these days: 10 years ago a brand was a promise—today, it’s a story. In the fast-paced news world today, brands need to become their own storytellers by producing video content and distributing it to the right influencers in the media.

As Mark Ragan said, “Everyone is a journalist today. Everyone is a storyteller.” Companies can become their own media outlet. With so many media channels today, every company is a media outlet who can tell their story through video and live events to amplify their message. [link to blog post of the Olympics]

With the 24/7 news cycle today, social media provides an additional outlet for brands with a channel that is always on. Leveraging a brand’s owned media assets will be an even more powerful and growing trend as we move into 2013, with content creation a critical element.

Special thanks to Mark Ragan of Ragan Communications for his participation in the discussion—we enjoyed hearing about the future of content marketing. If you’d like to learn more about how Synaptic Digital can help tell your story, contact us.


[Michael Kogon] We’ve been in the content creation, content marketing business for a really long time.
[Michael Kogon] I started an IMC, an Integrated Marketing Company in the 90s.
[Michael Kogon] It’s where I first sort of saw the concept of earned media, and it was at an ad agency where all the money was coming from paid media.
[Mark Ragan] One of the great examples of brands telling stories…whether you call it content marketing…I like to also call it brand journalism, and I just saw this fabulous presentation…she is head of creative for conEd…you can’t believe the brand journalism that they’re practicing internally, I mean they’re actually telling stories of their employees out there on the front lines with cameras, acting as the media, doing their own stand-ups, if you click on any of their videos you would swear it was the local television station covering this. It’s this whole notion of company as media outlet.
[Michael Kogon] We said, it’s going to be about video. Because no one is going to read all the time, and as we get devices that can deliver an experience that looks like what an old TV would’ve been, people are going to want video content.
[Mark Ragan] You own your market niche. Or maybe you’re trying to own your market niche. You’ve got to think of yourself now as a media outlet and I can help you get there.
[Michael Kogon] 10 years ago, a brand was a promise. And today it’s a story. And I think that’s a really great way to summarize what’s going on.