World’s Tallest LEGO Tower

Type in LEGO Tower in Google and the top results will guide you to read about the World’s Tallest LEGO Tower that was created recently in South Korea.

The attempt isn’t without precedent of course as the company has been coordinating tower builds since 1980 – the first one to be built was only 13.1 m in height and it stood (some might say) tall over Milton Keynes  in the UK.

Our team was in Seoul to film the latest record that brought joy to over 4,000 kids who built the blocks for the tower out of more than half a million bricks. Celebrating the power of the legendary brick, the new tower stood at 31.9m and it marked LEGO Group’s 80th anniversary.

It also marked the company’s firm foundations in the Asian market and its ambition to grow in the region even further. LEGO is one of the top branded toys in several Asian countries – #1 in South Korea – and wants to build on its success brick by brick.

With a large number of media outlets, news agencies and wires interested in the story millions of people in over 20 countries watched LEGO’s new feat. CBS News distributing the content to over 200 television stations and affiliates in the US and ITN reaching out to major UK broadcasters and online outlets such as MSN and Yahoo! helped solidify the success. The story also proved a hit with MailOnline – which is engaging with more than 4million users every day – and technology website CNET, whose social media followers are almost up to 1million.

Check out a sample of airings below: