Synaptic Staff’s Perspective on Daily Life

Last week the Synaptic team took part in, a global photo project who aims to capture a day in the life of the world via crowdsourcing. The photos were uploaded on We also thought that we should share some highlights from our team on the blog.

So here you go the Synaptic staff’s perspective on daily life….

Matt Thomson: London Heathrow Terminal 5, en route to New York.

Eleni Sardi: A Greek enjoying German food in London with Tahitian company.

Delano Pansi: After a busy day at work, relaxing on the boat ride home with an amazing sunset over the London skyline.

Kristin Eketoft: View from my window in the evening light.


Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu is a member of’s Global Advisory Council. In this video Desmond tells us why photography is so special to him…