From Norway to the South Pole

Antarctica might be the coldest and least friendly place on earth but it has managed to be in the news spotlight this year, partly fueled by BBC’s exceptional documentary, Frozen Planet. While the UK population was captivated by the footage of a cheeky Adelie penguin stealing stones from his neighbour’s nest, December 14th marked the centenary of Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s arrival to the South Pole.

Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was there to celebrate the occasion in temperatures well below 40 degrees Celsius. The politician was on a 4-day trip in the Antarctic Continent to highlight its importance in understanding global climate change, and honour the polar explorers that helped form Norway’s new national identity.

The production crew that followed the visit fed videos to in the early hours of the morning sending expertly shot b-roll, relevant images and press releases with information on the day’s activities directly to the media. Along with archive images from the original expedition, the material was packaged in 3 stories that were picked up by more than 24 media outlets, including international agencies AFP, APTN and Reuters. As the news agencies spread the content through their channels, the story made headlines worldwide, highlighting the outstanding achievements of the polar explorers and the dramatic effects that the loss of ice in the continent may have globally.

Recipe for this frozen success: an important centenary, a charismatic political personality, three great stories relating to environmental and scientific issues, well-produced b-roll, relevant images (including archive stills) and a timely upload. A mix of ingredients can guarantee good results every time!

You can see the story here:

- Eleni-Paraskevi Sardi