“If You Want People To Share, Make It Easy For Them”

Last week I attended a conference on Social Media organized by Global Insights Conferences.

Speakers included experts from BT, Médecins Sans Frontières, You Tube, Facebook and adidas.

Some top tips for brands I took away were:

  • Make your content shareable
  • Segment your audience then plan then have a plan for each
    •  BT example
      • The advocate (some BT users who spend a lot of time writing on forums and helping others out)
      •  The complainer (those with legitimate concerns)
      •  Casual observer
      • Campaigner (they are a group who thinks BT is spying on them)
      • The troll (people  you can never pacify)
    • adidas example
      •  Influencers – really knows their stuff.  The geeks
      • Multipliers – big names.  1m follower guys
      •  Fans – those 90% who are not going into the details
      • Foes
  • Give your customers what they want in a crisis.  Be transparent about the problems.  E.g. if a fire or flood is disrupting service, show pictures of it
  •  Tweet Deck and Hoot Suite  seems most popular free tools for monitoring Social Media.  Meltwater, Radian 6, sysomos and sproutsocial got mentions as professional services
  • Bring in IT / market research to help figure out how to understand the data.  But don’t let them take over the project !
  • Look for questions.  Entitles you to join the conversation
  •  Need a more humane engagement with bloggers than with media.   Make sure you read their blogs Choosing who should represent your brand in Social Media?  Your CEO may not be the right person (we were asked to run a Google Images query on the term ‘CEO’)

Many of the delegates tweeted under tag  #socmedresults.  Here is some of what was said:

Tips / online press room

SocMedResults Adidas press website was rebuilt to bring together social feeds with content in context in same place @zeitnehmer #adidas #socmedresults
unrulymedia if you want people to share content make it shareable’ we agree!social functionality is fundamental @zeitnehmer #SocMedResults
Wudruff David Jay Greenwood If you want people to share…make it easy for them #socmedresults (Mark Heising, ADIDAS)
suzi_fairbairn @adidas says “if you want people to share your content, make it easy for them” – add clear call to action button/link #socmedresults
StephanieRobC  #socmedresults Mark Heising: If you want people to share, make it easy for them
CampAndCaravan PR Team  @zeitnehmer If you want people to share content, then make it easy for them – and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. #socmedresults
DJStoney Adidas press website was rebuilt to bring together social feeds with content in context at named URL @zeitnehmer #adidas
RebecaFlores Online news rooms need good content and context. Insert your social media feeds and make it easy to share! @zeitnehmer #socmedresults
SocMedResults Adidas press website was rebuilt to bring together social feeds with content in context in same place @zeitnehmer #adidas #socmedresults

Tips / crisis & bad stuff

Investis @b1an social media engagement tip; ‘Don’t get into arguments’. #socmedresults
Investis Above all, never feed the trolls… @b1an #socmedresults
Peterkin Jules Filsell @jakubh talking frankly about vodafone doing a 180 on comms re:Galaxy branded upgrade. Lesson: it was ok in the end! #socmedresults
Investis @b1an social media engagement tip; ‘Don’t get into arguments’. #socmedresults
RebecaFlores In a crisis, a simple SORRY works wonders @b1an #socmedresults
RebecaFlores In a crisis, discern between the real and the perceived damage to your brand @b1an #socmedresults
IanKenyon Dealg with with negativity and crisis by “taking our conversations where our customers are” BTCare as told by @B1an at #socmedresults

Tips / audience segmentation

juhaf Juha Frey Understand the intricacies of each market: cultural sensitivity requires local experts. -Katie Forde, @GWRNews #socmedresults
nixonmcinnes Adidas split online audiences into Influencers, multipliers, fans and foes. Nice model #socmedresults
nixonmcinnes Good structured approach to different audiences (based on mapping) described by @amrelrawi of @CiscoSystems #socmedresults ^RB

Tips / consider what your audience wants

CampAndCaravan PR Always predict what people might want from a social media perspective, rather than copying, says @amrelrawi @SocMedResults #socmedresults
suzi_fairbairn Key takeaways from @amrelrawi – predict what your audience want and measure for improvement, not ego. #socmedresults #in
DenmanT Tim Denyer #socmedresults cisco: go where audience is, give what they want & talk about what’s relevant. Social media doesn’t have to be called new

Tips / less is more

suzi_fairbairn Avoid having everything on your website. Less is more. Use your social platforms to share info via @amrelrawi #socmedresults
RebecaFlores Unless we have something interesting and engaging to say it is sometimes better not to say anything Duncan Forrester #socmedresults

Tips / timing

thomsonSYNAPTIC Top tip from adidas’s @zeitnehmer at #SocMedResults. Spike in traffic to newsroom news.adidas.com on Mondays = good day to post news
thomsonSYNAPTIC Just heard about concept of #nowism from BT’s Bian Salins @b1an #SocMedResults. Craving for instant gratification

Tips / integrated approach

suzi_fairbairn Cisco’s digital comms mix for London2012 integrates offline/online w mobile apps, virtual events and blogging #socmedresults cc @amrelrawi

Tips / measurement

RebecaFlores Measure what you should do not what you can do. Measure for results not for ego@amrelrawi #socmedresults

Tips / be flexible

juhaf Juha Frey Finally, rules are made to be broken: vision and strategy in social media are living things. -@amrelrawi, Cisco #socmedresults

Tips / who to represent you

thomsonSYNAPTIC Plug ‘CEO’ into Google Images. @willmcinnes at #SocMedResults asks if this profile is right for your Brand in Social Media

Trends / SM evolves beyond Social

juhaf Juha Frey Social media is not a PR tool, it’s a business tool. We will all become influence professionals. -@richardbagnall #socmedresults
thomsonSYNAPTIC “If I was setting up a (social media/PR) agency, I would set up a customer relations arm.” @georginawald from Domino’s #socmedresults
SocMedResults Georgina @dominos_uk annoyed with referring to “social media” as new thing rather than familiar part of life which it now is. #socmedresults
SocMedResults RT @juhaf: Social media links corporate communications and customer care closely together, says @jakubh of Vodafone #socmedresults
juhaf Juha Frey Customer care related content encompasses 95% of incoming social media traffic, says @jakubh. Good to be listening. #socmedresults

Trends / Mobile

thomsonSYNAPTIC “We are a mobile-first company”. Dara Nasr from You Tube / Google quotes Eric Schmidt #socmedresult

- Matt Thomson