10 Tips to Create Compelling Videos That Reach Audiences Where They Live

“How do you create engaging video?” This was the overriding question put to Brendan and I when we attended PR Week UK’s social media conference recently. Hosting a roundtable discussion on this very subject matter with a good number of communication professionals in attendance, it became clear that there is a great deal of educating to be done. I don’t say this in a condescending way, but more that our customers really do need our help to understand the potential video can bring to their traditional communication methods. Our clients are very close to their subject matter, are under pressure to meet deadlines and often can’t see the wood for the trees. We need to be their aide, their guide. We need to inspire them to think creatively about video. What we take for granted in terms of our authority as video experts is often new to our clients. Following the sessions we were asked to share with the groups our top tips for creating engaging video.

- Nick Gynne

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