Up In The Air: B-Roll Shoot

We recently shot some new B-Roll for Zurich Financial Services, including this cool aerial footage from a helicopter!

Recently we produced new B-roll footage and teamed up with Synaptic Digital because we didn’t have the expertise to do it alone. Their meticulous preparation was state of the art. It also involved filming from up in the air. The producer decided to send me to go with the helicopter and assist with ideas and directions. It was extremely cool, a truly amazing experience. I had never flown with a helicopter before. The footage we produced from above is breathtaking and really good. I really like to work with the guys from Synaptic Digital, they’re a creative bunch of energetic people, flexible and truly customer-oriented. I got what we paid for and much more. Keep it up, guys!”

Jürg Schneider
Corporate Communications
Zurich Financial Services Ltd