Early Mornings, Late Nights, Great Product

It’s 4:30am and I’ve just arrived at the IAA in Frankfurt. It should be dark but the huge overhead lights the set crew are using to help illuminate the set (and the amazing cars – more of that later) make it feel more like midday. Forget Iceland, or New York because for the next 5 days Frankfurt is set to become the city where the sun never goes down and it’s inhabitants never sleep – just ask the crew!

The previous evening we were part of a very exclusive press pack invited to witness the launch of the Volkswagen Group’s nine brand offerings. Everything from the new Volkswagen city car the Up, to the brilliant new Bugatti, with it’s head turning new livery were released onto the floor in ever more dramatic style. But without taking anything away from all the other cars, Bentley and Lamborghini stole the show/

As you’d expect the Bentley GTC glided on, through dancers mimicking trees (took me back to music and movement classes at school!) And in typically Lamborghini style the Supertrofeo Tradale was launched in a blaze – no really it was ablaze! Fire shot from the floor and the two halves of the word Lambo and rghini came on from stage left and right to form the word LAMBORGHINI.

I could go on but sometimes a picture can speak a thousand words (just ask our clients) – so here it is, a little Behind The Scenes film for your enjoyment, rather than read about just how much fun I had. Great Products deserve a Great Crew.

– Brendan McCaul, Head of Production

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