School the Nation: P&G and John Legend Raise Awareness about the Student Dropout Crisis in the U.S.

Every nine seconds of each school day, a young person drops out of high school in the U.S. P&G’s new campaign, GIVE Education, draws awareness to the crisis and raises funds to help keep millions of students in school. By partnering with Communities In Schools (CIS), one of the nation’s leading dropout prevention organizations, and one that is proven to increase graduation rates and decrease dropout rates, GIVE Education enables CIS to continue channeling much-needed resources to students who are at greatest risk of dropping out.

Campaign spokesperson John Legend joined the initiative to generate additional awareness of America’s dropout crisis and the GIVE Education campaign. With a long track record of philanthropic work and deep commitment to education, Legend is featured in the campaign’s national television spot, as well as in the dedicated GIVE Education brandSAVER coupon booklet and Facebook page.

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