World Water Week: Creating a Global Media Impact

The World Water Week, organised by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), has been the annual focal point for the globe’s water issues since 1991. The event aims to build global capacity, promote partnership, and review implementation of water projects internationally. Each year the organization aims to maximise the impact of communications from the week in order to reach and influence a global group of scientific, business, policy and civic stakeholders.
At SIWI, we are always looking for new ways to improve the way we work in order to create more impact from our communications. Working with Synaptic Digital allows us to have access to a skill set outside of our core capabilities, namely in broadcast and new video communications techniques. We particularly like their ‘make it happen’ and results focused approach.”

Britt-Louise Andersson
Communications Director
Stockholm International Water Institute

The Challenge

SIWI and Synaptic Digital created a focused campaign from highly complex topics and made it relevant for the global media agenda. With only one week to get the message out, SIWI and Synaptic Digital managed thousands of potential topics and hundreds of potential spokespeople spanning a myriad of industry, academia and governmental organisations to get the story just right.


Our Solution

Synaptic Digital focused on integrating professional video into the overall communications strategy the SIWI team had put together.

Synaptic Digital assembled a dedicated group of experts to handle the project, emphasizing key skills across live broadcast, video production, media relations and technology.

With the team in place, Synaptic Digital created the content and devised a multi-channel distribution strategy, integrating a blend of live satellite interviews, online and social media placements and a wider push of packaged video materials to a broad selection of professional media. Synaptic Digital also inspired the involvement of other specialists from commercial organisation partners to broaden the depth and appeal of interviews.

Solutions Used

  • Video Production Services
  • Live Broadcast
  • Media Relations
  • Interactive News Release Distribution
  • Distribution to global media via Content Portal


Outcome and Results

  • No less than 17 interviews with specialists were conducted during the week and edited into five professional media packages.
  • Synaptic Digital provided a host broadcaster / news agency style service for both the Junior and Senior water prize-giving ceremonies.
  • 332 video clips ordered by 42 media outlets across 18 countries via
  • The online distribution created thousands of additional placements online, contributing to a high ranking on Google and generating additional video embeds on over 250 online media sites – pushing the total reach into the millions.
  • Synaptic Digital arranged and conducted seven live interviews with BBC News 24 (2), Euronews, Al Jeezera and Reuters (2) reaching over 800 million households in 150+ countries.


By blending multichannel video into the SIWI communications strategy – the World Water Week story reached the widest possible
global audience.

  • Synaptic Digital enabled SIWI’s World Water Week team to achieve far greater coverage across broadcast, online and social networks by harnessing the skills and technology of our video experts that complimented SIWI’s in-house knowledge. Synaptic Digital focused on creating and distribution relevant video so the SIWI team could handle the activities of the week.
  • By committing to delivering results and working in a transparent and measurable way Synaptic Digital was able to ease pressure on internal budget holders.

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