To Google+, Or Not to Google+! How Many Circles are You In?

Two weeks ago I received the first of 15 invites to Google+ and I immediately decided to revolt! I banded together with my husband, a social media addict in denial, a few friends on the verge of kicking Facebook to the curb, and started a revolution – “No Se Puede!” I will not accept your invitation, I will not join your circles and I will not do whatever other cool, new, social media thingy you’re tempting the masses with. Take that Google!

Three days later, I joined.

I mean who could resist, with the early adopters and tech geeks praising the promise of exclusivity and something new, something better! I mean blogging is so 2009 and who really understands twitter anyway?

Truth be told, I’m a little social media’d out of late – my current Facebook status is a big blank and yesterday I re-tweeted a re-tweeted tweet that had been previously tweeted. However, it’s part of my job to be in the know and stay on the cutting edge of the latest installment of social networking. So here I am, for better or worse, navigating between 20 circles; joining the conversation and engaging with influencers to leverage my content authentically while optimizing my results. It remains to be seen if I will make the leap from industry curiosity to full on super user, but for now whatever I haven’t tweeted, posted or blogged about you can check out on my stream.

You got me Google, now show me what you can do!

Sincerely Yours,