Text is Dead, Baby

Having spent 13 years in a traditionally text based news environment, entering the world of video has been such an exciting and dynamic change for me. Dusting off the previously dormant creative brain cells (and yes I do have some) to engage in discussions with companies as to how video can energise and engage their own communications has been a fabulous learning curve for me and gives me an excuse to talk. It’s all about the ideas and encouraging customers to realise the potential beyond their traditional methods. There always seems to be a buzz around the work we are doing, possibly due to the team effort involved, but I also believe because of the work we are doing. We have done some fantastic projects this year and at times worked in ways we have never done before. GAVI Alliance and SIWI projects come to mind. Working with video – there are creative opportunities everywhere. As Bruce Willis said ‘Text is dead baby.’

- Nick Gynne