Oblique Strategies

What do U2 and I have in common? We own a box of The Oblique Strategies!

Created by Brian Eno (yes, he is the genius composer behind the Microsoft Sound, also producer of numerous hits for U2) and the British painter Peter Schmidt, the Oblique Strategies are a deck of cards in which each card has a cryptic remark or random insight meant to “stimulate the creative process, show new ways of looking at a problem, or jog the mind in case of obstacles.”

The first time I heard of the cards was at an Award ceremony, which we live streamed, and where I had the chance to meet Brian Eno.

I also met some of the most inspiring, creative young entrepreneurs – rewarded for their individual excellence and for making a meaningful contribution to society through their groundbreaking projects around the world.

The first time I picked an ‘Oblique Strategies’ card was out of curiosity and I did not know what to do with it. There was only one word written on it:


Slowly, my mind was set in motion. I started associating the word with other words, events, memories. My mind started wandering in all directions, ideas were forming, more questions, some answers, more thinking.

The word has triggered some kind of creative process – and just like synapses in the brain, can the cards indeed help you think and make you smarter?

I’ve just picked another card:

Not building a wall but making a brick

- Delano Pansi