The Star Factor

How can you ensure that your message will get the attention of the media and the audience you want to reach? Bring out the big guns.

David Attenborough, the iconic British broadcaster and naturalist, recently narrated two short films for the United Nations Environment Programme. Produced by UNEP for the International Year of the Forests, the campaign also had the support of Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, Hollywood actor Don Cheadle, French photographer and environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertand and Chinese actress, Li Bing Bing. You can see the videos here:

By using several world-famous personalities, the NGO sent a message about the Green Economy that was loud and clear and brought attention to its strategies without sounding stiff or niche.

With voiceovers in all UN official languages (French, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Hindi, English), the videos were a hit with the global media. For example, a spot earned on the Guardian website, gained the attention of RBC TV, a Russian business news television channel in partnership with CNBC and CNN, which then chose to dub Don Cheadle’s voice in to Russian. But there is no doubt that the result was equally powerful!

- Eleni-Paraskevi Sardi