The Auto Channel: Kia Motors Launches Innovative Online Media Centre

Kia Motors Corporation, a maker of quality vehicles for the young-at-heart, and Synaptic Digital, the world’s premier multichannel digital media creation and distribution platform, today announced the launch of Kia’s online Media Centre (, the centralized multimedia destination for journalists, bloggers and Kia fans to access the latest content from the automaker.

The site centres on a simple, open and intuitive layout to give all Kia Motors’ audiences the unparalleled ability to tell stories about the brand. Unlike traditional press sites that may sequester multimedia content to a separate section of the website, the Kia Media Centre liberates relevant and dynamic video, audio, stills, and social media as well as drawing content from other Kia Motors sites across the Web including Kia Buzz (Kia’s official corporate blog), YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

“Our Media Centre is an invaluable tool to manage multimedia content from across the organization and make it readily available in a timely manner to everyone from professional journalists and prominent bloggers, to brand fans posting videos on their Facebook pages,” said Scott Woo, General Manager of Overseas Communication, Kia Motors Corporation.

At the heart of the experience is an innovative media player that handles video, audio and images from a single intuitive interface and acts as a press kit in a box for media outlets. It also features a live commentary about Kia via Twitter; contacts to Kia’s international PR team, and the ability to keep track of the latest stories in RSS readers.

Journalist, bloggers and fans are empowered to share and publish content by embedding video onto their sites or social networks. Video, audio and photo files are available in streaming and broadcast-quality formats, including PAL, NTSC, and HD and can be downloaded utilizing the industry’s fastest download technology.

“When it comes to telling their story in video, Kia is on the cutting-edge,” said Camilla Unger, Regional Vice President, APAC, Synaptic Digital. “We’re thrilled to provide the technology and expertise to allow such an exciting brand to spread its messages to all of its key audiences.”

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