Technorati Women: Advertising Affects Sexes Differently, Study Shows

Businesses have been trying to get consumers to buy their products ever since their first offering was placed in the window of a country store. Burgeoning marketing departments have since developed door-to-door sales pitches, catchy radio jingles, road-side signs, billboards, flyers, newspaper ads, television video spots and now flashy Internet eye candy. Each campaign was, and is, catchy, but communication has been traditionally one-way – individually directed at you.

As markets get tighter and businesses seek to wring every penny of advertising dollar to its fullest use, marketing departments have turned their eye to what forms of advertising work best in what country, what market, and even what culture. These days, campaigns are even driven based on the sex of the consumer using a particular product, lending a careful eye to ad background music, color schemes, phrases and individual word meanings.

In an Internet-hungry culture inundated by viral advertising campaigns with microscopic half-lives, fail to hook your target consumer and your brand could rapidly be relegated to history.

With an eye to this, multimedia advertisers Kantar Video and Synaptic Digital broke down advertising into either “paid” for ads or “earned” forms of product support, such as news coverage or social media-based likes or retweets, then studied 1,800 men and women to find out how these different methods could work together to “lift” awareness of a particular brand.

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