Obama Highlights Green Jobs Where There Were None

In the spring of 2010 President Obama’s “White House to Main Street Tour” stopped at Fort Madison, Iowa. Located on a bend of Mississippi River in the southeast corner of the state, Fort Madison is in Lee County which at the time had an unemployment rate near 11% — Iowa’s second highest and 4% points higher than the statewide county average.

Siemens and Obama Celebrate Green Jobs in IowaThe opening of a new Siemens Energy plant was an economic shot in the arm for the beleaguered county. The 600,000 square foot facility manufactures wind turbine blades and employs 600 people. President Obama toured of the facility, which typifies the President’s energy and jobs agenda for rural America. Currently, Iowa has attracted more major wind manufacturers than any other U.S. state and wind generates 14 percent of the state’s electrical power. The highest percentage of any state in the nation.

As the winds of change blow through, it’s nice to know that we are building the blades that catch that wind.

Siemens worked with Synaptic Digital to shoot the opening ceremonies which initially hadn’t included a visit from the leader of the free world. The web video was planned to featured on Siemens web properties and had a goal documenting how the entire community benefited from the plat opening in the face of the worse economic times since the Great Depression. It also was important to show Siemens’ commitment to the environment and clean energies by focusing on the windmill technology and the “greenness” of the plant itself. The video’s audience were Siemens’ employees and shareholders, and externally consumers along with the media.

[accordion close=”1″ title=”Results”] Though this video was not initially intended for media distribution, Siemens saw President Barack Obama’s participation as an opportunity extend the reach of their message. Beyond the exposure via their web properties they also enjoyed media extensive coverage.