So Hot Right Now: A Look At Fashion Content on

Synaptic Digital recently canvassed media users who access fashion content on to get a taste for what’s hot in fashion journalism.  Respondents from across the globe representing outlets including ABC, CBS, euronews, Fashion Windows, CNBC and The $nob Magazine gave us their take.

Let’s take a look…

Look 1: Beyond the Runway

While content from fashion events is the most relevant for journalists (86%), the survey reveals strong interest in background footage on brands (65%) and interviews with fashion designers (68%) to supplement fashion events.

Look 2: Fashion Never Sleeps

Almost all journalists (92%) would like to receive fashion-related content throughout the year, rather than only during fashion weeks.

Look 3: Work It (in 3 minutes or less)

According to the survey, the majority of journalists (68%) prefer content that is 1-3 minutes in length. They were mostly interested in edited packages and B-Roll content of both runway content and backstage footage.

Look 4: Be Choosy

In general – when choosing fashion shots – journalists prefer reviewing no more than 50 images at once (89%).  In fact, less really is more, with 63% of journalists opting to see no more than 20 images.

Look 5: A Front Row Seat on the Catwalk?

Our media users are open to the idea of hosting fashion webcasts on their online news websites – but they have some requirements.

Give the media tools they need to cover the event – like a teaser video and press release ahead of the event.  Also, to compensate for journalists’ busy schedules, make your content available on demand via and other online properties so they can access the assets they need to tell your story.