Maersk Delivers Its Environmental Message to the World

The new millennium met the shipping industry with smooth waters – that is until 2009 when a global financial crisis and tightening credit set many carriers adrift, leaving ships idle or fast tracked to the scrap yards.

The rough waters persisted for the next two years until Maersk Line, gambling on economic growth indicators, placed an order for a new fleet of the largest container vessels ever built. The nearly $6 billion deal, the largest single shipping contract in history,  includes up to 30 of the massive – yet environmentally sensitive – Triple-E ships.  The new ship design will create 50% less carbon dioxide per standard container than the current industry average, thus giving it its name: Economy of scale, Energy efficiency and Environmental improvement.

It’s a requirement that all of our communications activity has accountability in terms of measurable outcomes. The  Maersk Line MediaCentre represents how all communications, broadcast, print, and digital, in unison can connect our brand with relevant audiences and influencers.”

Steen Reeslev
Senior Vice President, Head of Group Relations
A.P. Møller – Maersk A/S

Goal: To increase the efficacy of communications to all stakeholder groups and drive awareness and confidence in Maersk’s strategy, performance, people, services and industry leadership.


  • An evolving global audience that includes traditional media, digital influencers, employees, partners, customers, investors, and industry experts.
  • A muddle of multimedia content not leveraged to full potential.
  • Increase maintenance of channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter & Flickr).
  • Speed of deployment – strategic announcements to be made within a short time frame.
  • In-house resources limited and committed to other activities.


The Triple E represents Maersk’s vision to chart a new and more environmentally friendly course for the entire shipping industry.  It is also the ideal context in which to change the role of communications in reaching key audiences in an evolving media landscape. Because audience attention is increasingly divided and fractured, Maersk recognized the need to:

  • Become content creators.
  • Tell its story in a managed and measurable way over multiple channels.
  • Remove all gates and barriers to the content.
  • Make it as openly previewable, shareable and downloadable as possible.


  • Robust social media aggregation and digital pressroom.  Synaptic Digital MediaCentre
  • Make rich content available on to reach journalists and influencers.
  • Synaptic Digital multimedia materials to distribute alongside existing press releases.


  • Global coverage of the World’s Biggest Ship news.
  • 50% + increase over previous year’s results.
  • Overall 522 content downloads from 142 journalists in 29 countries in one week.
  • High usage rate across print, online and broadcast (75%+).
  • The site had around 25,000 unique visitors on launch day.
  • In the first week alone the Triple E enjoyed 70,000 online mentions.
  • Provided the brand a new comprehensive communication dashboard.