Bulldog Reporter: Synaptic Digital Launches MediaCentre to Power Online Newsrooms

Synaptic Digital (www.synapticdigital.com) has announced the launch of MediaCentre, a multimedia communications command center for marketing, public relations and communications professionals. This digital content aggregator gives organizations the ability to “broadcast” their messages via a single site complete with media-rich assets including press releases, videos, stills and news headlines aggregated alongside updates from social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube.

Traditionally, online pressrooms have served as a resource for journalists to access press releases, company contact information and the latest news. Audiences accessing today’s online press centers have evolved to include consumers, bloggers, shareholders and analysts. With MediaCentre, organizations can now pull together all of the disparate sources of information to proactively manage their content, strengthen consumer interaction and lengthen user engagement, thus ensuring a consistent experience for all audiences.

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